Coffee is health food: Why coffee is healty food?


Coffee is the most popular drink.Worldwide withover 14 Billion cups consumed each day.

COFFEE Fuel for the body

Coffee is a just dark brown water. Actuallt it much more than that. The health effects of cooffee are quiet controversial. Dependingon who you ask, it is either a super healthy beverage are incredibly harmful. But despile what you may have hard, there are actually plenty of good things to be said about coffee.The main question here is “should you be drinking coffee”? Today I’ m going to talk about the benifitof drinking coffee in our daily life Which are coffee contains some essential nutrients and is extremely highin our daily life in anthioxidents, people who drink coffee whill reduced risk alzheimer, parkinson, diabetes are liver disease and coffee contains coffeine, a stimulant that can enhance brain function and boost metablim.


Coffee is not just  Caffeine. It is also contains other nutrients like vitamin, manganes, magresium, naicin,potassium and other. Such nutrients that makes it very nutrients drink. Coffee is a good choise.

Advantage of Coffee

  • Reducing fat.
  • Effective against mental disease.
  • Reduced chances of heart and li ver related diseases.
  • Pain redution.
  • Positive affect on diet.


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